High, black boots

A Sexual Fantasy

— By martsjelloo

I'm a nice guy. Rather goodlooking but a bit on the shy side. And I try to follow some high standards where love and sex are concerned. I was a student and worked my way through college. She was a gourgeous blonde woman, a few years older and managed the club where we both worked. A place where people went to drink, dance and have fun. She was a nice person, but I didn't feel anything of love. In fact, she scared me a little. But we were friendly and chatted about all sorts of things. After all the people had left, and we were cleaning the bar and counting the money we'd have a drink or two. One day she had me admitting to one of my biggest turn-ons: powerful, confident women without underwear. The next time we had to work together she looked at me different during our shift. She seemed to bump in to me a lot more often and smiled in a really sexy way. I was sure she was trying to seduce me. This made me feel strange, because since I didn't love her, I would have to say no to anything more than friendship. She wore a white little blouse and a black mini skirt and really high black boots. She looked really in charge. Then, in the midst of the evening, with a lot of people at the bar coming to get drinks, she whispered in my ear that she wasn't wearing any underwear. And as she walked to the other end of the bar she lifted her skirt a little. Just enough to let me see that she, indeed was naked under her clothes. She didn't speak to me again that night because it was to busy, but after the costumers had left I noticed her blouse was opened a bit further and there was no bra showing. I was trembling all over when she called me and I went over to her.
'I know that we're not in love', she said softly, 'but I want you, and it is all right'. Than she kissed me, and I kissed back, with all the sexual tensing releasing that had been building in my body all evening. We had passioned sex on the bar, on the dance-floor (Underworld playing) and on a table in front of my house while the sun came up.