Hidden Eyes In The Dark

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MrsSecret

I‘m single since my long term boyfriend and I broke up at the end of last year. I appreciated my new freedom and had some loose hot nights with some strangers. But since lockdown I feel quite lonely and there‘s no more freedom left anymore. I masturbated occasionally in my relationship, but now it’s the new normal to fill that emptiness of being single. Most of the time, when I touch myself I wish my ex-boyfriend - or some hot man I met in public - is watching me while I‘m lying in my bed sleeping. He looks through the small gap from my bedroom door, watching my curves under the thin white sheet and recognizing my bottom slightly moving around. To know he‘s spellbound to my little secret show, makes me instantly horny and wet. My eyes are still closed pretending I’m sleeping while softly opening my lips for some quiet moans in my pillow. Then my hands are reaching under my belly to feel the rising heat between my legs. He‘s staring at my hips raising and lowering, humping my swollen vulva against my hands. I don’t want to move him, I don’t want him to enter the room. What turns me on is his inability to move cause he can‘t believe what he‘s seeing and is transfixed by the sight. So most of the time when I‘m masturbating I keep a yearning look at my door in hope of some hidden eyes in the darkness watching my aching body under the sheets.