Hey neighbor!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Minxycat

He lives across the hall, I see him everyday as he comes and goes. He's a loner, tall, slim, handsome, strange. He sees me everyday too, just as lonely and bored with everyone as he is. We catch eyes in the hall, his eyes are asking me "do you see me? Do you understand? My eyes must have returned a yes! He offers to help me bring my bags up the stairs, being sure to walk ahead of him. My skirt is short, I took no care to show modesty, as he walks behind me I can feel his eyes up my skirt. I arrived at my door with him behind me, we could hardly catch our breath. I key into my door and invite him to put the bags on my table. He closes the door behind him. I hear the bags drop to the floor. He walks up behind me and caresses my arms. It's electrifying, he puts his hand under my skirt. He whispers in my ear "say you like it" I say back to him " I like it". His hands make there way into panties and his fingers slip into my wet pussy. He thrusts them in and out breathing hot onto my neck. He roves his fingers and puts them into my mouth as I moan and suck his fingers, he pulls out his hard cock and rubs it on my pussy, teasing both me and himself. We move to my couch and he removes my blouse. We kiss passionately, tongues rubbing together. He picks me up and sets me on the back of the couch. He slides deeply into me as I gasp. In and out, he thrusts harder and harder, faster and faster. He comes deep inside of me we both moan and gasp. After we regain our senses we stare into each other's eyes. What have we done!