A Sexual Fantasy

— By irunlolarun

I come home to my dominant, lesbian partner. “You’ve left your clothes on the floor again. This is unacceptable. Go upstairs and wait on the bed”. I obey, embarrassed. She joins me and begins by pulling down my skirt and panties. She rubs my bottom, telling me “Do you understand why we are doing this? Hmm? I expect you to listen. You will respect our home by putting your things away, at all times”. With that, she smacks my behind. After the initial shock, I settle into the warm-up spanking. “That’s it. You’re doing good. Relax, darling”. I nod in agreement. I trust her completely and it shows through my body submitting to her authority.

Her hand starts to burn and the spanking is becoming more difficult for her. The only warning of what’s to come is the clink of her belt buckle becoming undone. I raise my head from being buried in the pillow and she tells me to lay back down. She places a loving hand on the small of my back and places perfectly aimed strikes to my backside with her belt. I scream. “Shh….you’re OK. Everything’s OK”. She gently rubs my bottom before continuing. I ride the waves of each blow and we settle into a rhythm. Then I hear her throw the belt onto the bed beside me.

After 20 minutes of spanking, my body has melted onto the bed. “Stay right here. We’re not done”. She removes my clothes the rest of the way and reaches between my legs. I’ve become wet from the spanking and I have no control over it. She rubs the outside gently before pushing her fingers inside me. I tense up and squirm. “Oh, darling, I know you’re resisting but you’re doing great. Just let go. Hmm? You’re fine”. She fingers me harder which challenges my body and mind. I can’t fight it. She is in charge and that’s why I love her so much. It’s like she takes control of my body, by her hands. I accept what is happening but it takes me several minutes to get there. “Good girl".