I'd Like Her to Seduce Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kyotepretty

During my single days as a man, I felt like I had to do a lot of the initiating to make things happen. First contacts in online dating contact, invitations to dates, starting the talks about goals and intentions, initiating the conversation about sex, and making the first moves. I developed a fantasy that, just once, a cute and confident woman would pursue me for an easy fling.

She finds me in a bar. She's voluptuous and glowing. She's dressed without much care yet knows she's hot. She hits on me in an assertive yet charming way. She keeps her eyes on me, smiles a lot, and takes sly pleasure in making me laugh. She slowly shows that she wants me but that she expects me to enjoy it, too.

She stays present and patient yet keeps escalating the flirtation. She buys me drinks. She invites herself to my place.

She doesn't rush but doesn't waste time. She makes the first move. She takes her own clothes off and then mine and then moves us to the bedroom. She shamelessly checks me out and just as shamelessly lets me check her out. I drop to my knees eager to please her pussy.

She cums unflinchingly, kindly compliments my work, and impatiently pulls me onto the bed to straddle me. She smiles indulgently as she slides onto my cock and fucks me, getting exactly what she wants and knowing I love it, too. She gets herself off riding my body and then watches me with calm amusement as she quickly strokes me off.

I lay spent while she uses the bathroom and shower without asking, making idle chat like old friends. She stops to kiss me and give my cock another squeeze on her way out, telling me to text sometime but clearly not concerned whether I will or not.