What Does Height Matter in Love?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nadalen4

I usually imagine that I have an encounter with a small person, (I am 6 feet tall) and that she is only so tall that her head is at the level of my navel. We had kissed before, by mistake, I know she is married, maybe she forgot it. She has never been with a man of my stature and I do not usually stay with women of any kind, so she seems adorable to me. I had already promised myself not to try again with a married woman, but for her, I will make an exception. Then we wait for her husband not to be and we lock ourselves in her closet; I lift her on my shoulders, completely naked, and start licking her pussy. I go undressing slowly, until both of us are naked, standing, while I hold her and she has a strong orgasm, and with her legs she pulls me towards her, while I keep licking the juice that comes out of her. It's already late, almost dusk and the shadows in the large closet are getting bigger and bigger ... maybe another time. But she does not want to feel that there is an unfair agreement. Put me on the floor, she says, and standing up, put my penis in her mouth and start sucking it ... I can barely contain myself. The shadows in the closet are growing, and I know that the lights on the street will light soon, but I do not care. I finish in his mouth, his beautiful mouth, the only thing I can see at this point with so little light. Her husband will arrive soon and she knows that this is something that will not last. Maybe on another occasion, maybe... I don't know.