Hamàl Dream

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

I do the washing machines at the crossroads traffic lights. A few days ago, while I cleaned the windshield of a big dark car, I felt the driver's eyes staring at my ass, almost uncovered by the movement. My ass is small and strong; round as the half moon and black as the ebony. When I finished my job, I accepted the generous tip from the trim woman's hand.

From that day, every morning, at the same time, the same car, the same woman, the same tip and the same look at my ass.

Yesterday morning, the woman did not come. Farewell, I thought, generous lady. I resigned to the idea of not receiving any more tips. In the late afternoon, it was almost dark, I had picked up my work tools and was about to return to my shelter when the big dark car stopped beside me. I went to get to the windshield to be cleaned, when the trim hand leaned out of the driver's window and gestured me to approach. Two white and endless thighs came up from the pedals of the car and crossed into a hairless but already large and shiny pussy; a fragrant cotton t-shirt covered the woman's belly, revealing two small and delicate breasts with clear pink nipples. Her face was beautiful with her mouth open to show a file of white teeth almost like mine. The traffic light, my working partner, had become green and the lady crossed the crossroads and pulled over the sidewalks. I reach the window again. The lady grabbed my hand and took it to her pussy; with her fingers, she arranged my long fingers so that three of them penetrated her to the palm. Her left hand was on my ass and caressed it until penetrated it with a tapered and smooth finger. After some movement, even my other two fingers did not have difficulty getting deep into the now wide open pussy. And even two other fingers of my lady came into my ass. I could feel my wet, sunken hand. She came. She pulled her fingers out of my ass. She pulled my hand away from her pussy. She raised the window. She left. I stayed there. Open ass and hard dick. The sound of a horn made me realize that the dream was over.