Halloween Hookup

A Sexual Fantasy

— By John

It was Halloween and I'd gone to a house party dressed as Hippie John Lennon when I met Hope. She'd gone as Slash, which was sexier than it sounds. She was slim, fair skinned, and had wavy black hair that fell halfway down her back. She had brown eyes, a perky nose, and a perfect smile. She wore black leggings with knee high black boots and tight fitting black tee that hinted at perky b-cup breasts. It took two beers before I talked to Hope. We hit it off, and before long I had her phone number. I've never been as smooth as I was that night. I talked and drank with friends until noticed her leaving with another guy. I texted her to ask if that was her boyfriend. She said it wasn't serious yet, but they'd been on a few dates. I said that I thought there was serious chemistry between us, and I'd hate to miss out on it. Then I sat down outside to smoke and lick my wounds. Then, Hope showed back up to the party. She said she'd hate to miss out, too. In no time we were back at my house. We fell into my bed, kissing one another furiously. I peeled her leggings off and went down on her, bathing in her moans. At some point we lost the rest of our clothes and she put her mouth around my cock. Not long after I was inside her. We made love slowly and deeply, taking turns on top before she asked me to take her from behind. I finished there, just after I felt her pussy clench and spasm around me. After a while, we made out again. She guided my fingers into her ass and massaged her own clit, then went down on me again. Finally, we fell asleep naked entwined with one another. I still get hard thinking about it.