A Real Woman Wears Hair Down There

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Martin

Besides my first confession about an older woman, I have another, which really attracts me. For me, a real woman has marks that life left on her. A real woman also wears hair down there.

During summer, when I go to the lake for swimming and I face a beautiful woman in a bikini who attracts me, my fantasy starts to rise sometimes. Carefully I sneak peeks at her, from her face to her toes, always taking care that she does not catch me. I imagine how her breasts might be, how they would look when she takes her top off. At that point I often start to get hard. I need to be even more careful that she doesn't see me. I continue to check out her bikini bottoms. What would she look like if she also took them off? I always wish to find a bush there.
One day at that lake I started to examine such a beautiful woman. But she caught me and realized that I was attracted to her. At that lake a part of the beach is for nudes. She went there to sun bathe. Before entering, she turned around. I had been there several times, so I plucked up my courage and followed. As I arrived, she already lay on her towel, naked. She saw me and started to spread her legs a little for me. I could sneak a peek. She looked like I had imagined.

I prepared my towel some meters away, taking my shorts off, laying down. I noticed she was observing. It was impossible to hide the results of the attraction she gave to me. She smiled and asked if I like what I see. I confirmed. She smiled again and said she too enjoyed what she saw. She took her towel closer to me, spreading her legs. Suddenly she started touching herself. She prompted me to do the same. I was afraid of such certainty. But those minutes where like my sexual completion.

Unfortunately I never saw her again. After that adventure and some kind words, our ways fell apart forever.