Gyno For Men

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Medicinal sex

I want to feel what it's like to be seen by a gynecologist. I want my beautiful doctor to tell me to get completely naked and put on a patient gown. I feel so loose and free after I have it on. She tells me to sit on the medical chair and to spread my legs and put them on the footrests. That's my favorite part. She lubes up her gloved middle finger and she inserts it into my rectum to check for abnormalities. Pleasurable pressure up my asshole. My penis begins to get wet. She needs a closer look so she inserts an anoscope. Simply pleasurable. She leaves that in as she begins to lube up a penis probe. She sticks it in my penis hole, it goes in deep. The pleasure is so good. She pulls the probe out and asks me for one more thing. She needs me to ejaculate in a cup for her in order to analyze my semen. I begin to jack off while the anoscope is still inside of me spreading my asshole wide open. It's because of that and other factors that I orgasm pretty fast. It's a full body orgasm. My body quivers beautifully. My mind swims in pleasure. My ejaculation is quite significant that some of it actually manages to land on my doctor's arm. She tells me not to worry as she wipes it off. I did manage to get some of my semen in the cup which she said was a sufficient amount. She says we're all done here and she pulls out the anoscope which sends pleasure waves through my body. I get off the table and get dressed. She tells me that she will call me to let me know the results. I thank her and leave her office. I feel wonderful.