Grown up phantasies

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Erika (really!)

My name is Erika too (really!).

I am way over 40 now but still caress sexual phantasies I already had as a teenage girl. They changed a little, they grew up, but in essence they stayed the same.

To tell the truth, I got inspired by erotic thriller movies I "borrowed" from my uncles VHS-collection and secretly watched in the 80's. When my parents were out in the evening (happened about twice a month) I occupied the living room, made myself comfortable completely naked in front of the TV and watched movies like Emmanuelle, Tokyo Decadence, Sinfonía Erótica and others (don't remember the titles) where I got really horny on scenes showing (almost) naked women in great fear.

I phantasized myself being in that movie and made myself a challenge to masturbate so slowly, I would not come before the end of the film.

Meanwhile I have kept my love for phantasies of being forced to exhibit myself. The force is not brutal in any way but rather of a mental, authorative kind. And I have also kept my desire to masturbate really slowly. I can keep myself on the edge for up to three hours before allowing me to come. This gives me intense pleasure and makes me proud every time I can achieve it.