Got Milk?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Solmir

It's been over two months now since we've been in a strict lockdown. From time to time I go out on my balcony just to feel the breeze and the warmth of the sun. Usually while I enjoy the fresh air, I like to spend some time reading. As I'm reading on my balcony, my attention is caught by some movement on a balcony from the neighboring block. I take a short glimpse to see what's going on. Nothing special. It's just another neighbor minding their own business so I continue reading. While I'm reading, I feel that I'm becoming more and more absent and I find myself caught in another story. "She's doing her laundry. She's pretty". I try to focus my attention back to what I was reading. This time I don't even know when I stopped reading and threw another glance at my neighbor. She seems really caught up in hanging the laundry out to dry. While watching her, she suddenly turns my way. A bit embarrassed, I turn back to my book. I realize that I've been reading the same phrase two or three times now. I take another short peek at her, but this time she's looking straight at me. For a split second I froze. She turns away with a smile. I see that she's done with her laundry, so I decide to go back to my reading, laughing at myself for this small incident. After 5 minutes, I get a notification on my phone. That's strange... I check the notification: "The neighbor who distracted you from your reading, wants to send you some photos" I'm really confused. I keep staring at the screen of my phone, not sure what to make of this. When I raise my eyes from the screen, there she is: in the door of her balcony waving slowly with her phone. Laughing, I press accept on the notification. The message reads: "Her hand pushes down her sweatpants just enough for a short peek of her trimmed bush. Can you notice her hard nipples under the loose t-shirt that she's wearing?" "Your turn." I laugh, while looking at her and shaking my head in disbelief. After 5 more minutes, another notification: "With her hair barely covering her breasts, she gently caresses her beautiful pussy lips. Your turn, if you want to know how this ends. " I send her a picture with my erection. I'm really turned on by now. "Lying on the floor, with her panties pulled aside, she masturbates. She seems really wet." Then, short after, another notification: "Got milk?" This pushes me over the edge. I let the warm cum flow until I'm covered in it. I send her the picture with the mess that I've made: "Too bad, I've just spilled it everywhere..." A few moments after, I receive a notification: "With her wet panties in her mouth, her juices are flowing down on one of her legs. Her bush seems full of her cum." Just with her t-shirt on, she quickly comes out in her balcony, just to put her wet panties out to dry.