Good Girl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amery

A bit of introduction: my boyfriend has a foot fetish and I'm into BDSM and my fantasy is to mix the two together. So here it goes.

I'm coming over to his place in a summer dress and he has just arrived home from work, wearing a suit and tie and sits in front of his computer desk. He tells me how stressful his day was, etc. I suddenly have an idea of how to cheer him up. I lift up his chin, look into his eyes and lick his mouth very lightly and tenderly. Still looking into his eyes I sit on the table, kick off my sandals and put my foot on his face, caressing it. He kisses it, licks it and sucks on my toes and I slowly slide my hand up my thigh and touch myself watching him. He unzips his pants and takes his cock out and starts masturbating too. All the while we stare at each other and tell each other how sexy the other one is.

Then he tells me to get off the table, turn around and lean on the table. He grabs my hair and asks me have I been a good girl and I answer saying "no" and he spanks me hard and I say "sorry Daddy". Then he slowly slides his cock inside me and starts fucking me gradually harder and harder from behind, pulling my hair and turning my head on side to spit in my mouth. I smile and can't get enough of him. When he finally cums, he reaches down to my pussy and makes me taste it. Both of us are smiling and the whole thing ends with him kissing my hair while I sit on his lap, and stroking me as he finally says, "that's my good girl".