Good doctor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Polo Bolo

Dear Erika, I have always fantasized about women doctors. It's not about a hospital stay, but a visit. Men should be examined by an andrologist. I fantasize about having to go on such a visit. I have to register at the reception desk, where a young nurse looks at me curiously and directs me to a room. After knocking, I go inside and see an attractive and elegant female doctor in high heels, stockings, a skirt, a white coat, glasses and a stethoscope. she asks me if this is my first visit? When I say yes, she says she needs to examine all of me. She tells me to strip naked. She puts on latex gloves. She weighs me, measures my height, listens to my heart and lungs. She examines the testicles and penis. She measures the temperature per rectum and then examines the prostate with his finger. She says he needs to collect semen for analysis. I'm stressed, but she strips in front of me and jerks off to me. After ejaculating, she takes the sperm into a container and says that I have to come again. As I leave, the nurse at the reception desk smiles gently and winks at me. I enter the door with amazement.