Gold Medal

A Sexual Fantasy

— By senorladron

Lately I have had this really intense fantasy about going to bed with a woman who just received some sort of gold medal. Banging a Number One. And it really doesn't matter which sport, it could be anything, yet there are so many sexy aspects to this... I love the tingling feeling of conquering a person that no one else could defeat. She is probably tipsy from the celebration and champagne, still her self-confidence is at an all time high! And it's the incredibly sexy pictures I get in my head of her, being totally nude, yet with the gold medal still on; she's a winner, and she doesn't want to let that feeling slip away. So she refuses to take off the medal, leaving it bouncing between her tits as we fuck... And she's a gold medalist in her discipline, does that make her a super performer in bed? I'd love to find out!