Go With The Flow

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Geon

I fantasise about making love to my partner with her period in full flow.

A partner of mine once explained to me why menstruating made her feel like a complete woman, how she embraced all the parts of her cycle, and how she loved how natural and powerful this bodily process was.

Since then, I’ve been obsessed by the prospect of embracing her period with her. I’d love to go down on her and taste her blood along with all the other ‘normal’ sex juices. I’d love for her to come as she pours out onto my tongue, and I’d love to kiss and lick up the entire length of her body, painting a red trail as I go.

I want it my mouth, and on my penis, and on my fingers. I want to worship her body and bring her pleasure as the red river flows from her powerfully and beautifully.