A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xtech

This is all fantasy: I checked into a cheap motel. I was exhausted from the drive and I just wanted to take a hot shower and go to bed. After I got out of the shower I was getting ready for bed but the neighbors were pretty loud and the walls seemed very thin. They were arguing. Finally after a while they stop. All quiet. In trying to get some sleep I was turning a lot and each time the head board would bang on the wall. One of aforementioned neighbors had enough and banged on the wall. I got up and decided to move the bed away from the wall when I saw this hole on it. Immediately my head started to rush and wonder if I should stick my penis through the hole or not. Who's back there? I don't know. I succumbed to the the temptation and went through. Nothing. I was reconsidering, then a touch. A timid touch. Then mouth, fast sloppy, slobbering mouth and a quick cum. An explosion of cum. Then I pulled away from the hole and looked at my soaking with penis. I jumped in bed and tried to forget what just happened and get some sleep but the sleep never came. The next morning when I step out of my room to go check out, a see my neighbor sitting outside his room. He greets me and I wonder if it was him who did me. I'm hetero so I start feeling confused when All of the sudden his girlfriend comes out and she says hi. Was it her? I'll never know for sure but what I do know is that she was glowing.