Getting My Girlfriend a Masseuse

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cupid.

Hi Erika! Big fan of yours! So my Italian girlfriend and I live together. She's bi-curious but never acted on her 'desires' as she's a bit shy. So I quietly arranged her a sensual massage at our house done by an attractive punk Brazilian girl. The masseuse told me on whatsapp she was bowled over that a guy would arrange this for his girlfriend. So I set up our bedroom with low lighting, Spotify and a big mirror, collected the masseuse from the tube station in my car, and took her back home. There I introduced her to my girlfriend (who was in a dressing gown: I had told her that it was a naked massage and her and the masseuse would also be naked). I then said my goodbyes, and went to the pub to meet a friend so they would be left in peace. My girlfriend tells me they went into our bedroom and started laughing at the amount of effort I had gone to to create the atmosphere. My girlfriend then sat on the bed as the masseuse went to the bathroom and returned naked. My gf says she was nervous and there was an awkward moment where she was looking through Spotify for what music to put on. She says she lay on her front in the middle of our bed and the massage began. She says the masseuse was quick to touch her down there which took her by surprise whilst rubbing her around her body. She then asked her to turn on to her back and started to putting her fingers inside her. My girlfriend says she lay still with her eyes shut; occasionally the masseuse would make a comment about her body, or flirt. She says she touched her there and elsewhere for the full hour until she came. I'm not sure of all the details here and want to respect their privacy so haven't pushed to find out more - however when I messaged the Brazilian later to say thank you after having found my girlfriend in a trance like state, she said my girlfriend had orgasmed "super hard". My girlfriend tells me her and her new friend swapped numbers at the end of their session and are planning to meet again, but not on a therapist-client basis. Since then, we're a lot closer and happier!