A Sexual Fantasy

— By divanastasia

A random stranger I met online suggested to me to do a sex chat. As I was bored that night, I tried it out to see how it works. Basically like sexting, but in online chat rooms. If you happen to be attracted to someone you can always PM them.

While most men in there would jump right into the business in their PM, calling me dirty names and asking me to be their whore, a tab popped up and this guy greeted me in a polite manner. He goes by the nickname German, and later I found out he's a soldier from Germany.

And while most men are only interested in my physical description, he asked a lot more about what I like and what kind of person I am, what I'm doing daily, etc. It's funny cause it wasn't a freaking dating site, it's a chat room where people just want the other person to help them jack off. But we still had a nice casual talk an hour later. It's like we're on a date and he's smoothly seducing me like a gentleman. When I asked him to show me his tattoos, he hadn't even got a boner yet (from the looks of his boxers).

It was almost morning and I really needed to sleep before work. I told him I have trouble sleeping and he said he would come over and help me to sleep, but since we're continents away from each other, he'd just tell me everything he would do to me. He'd spooned me and start rubbing my body and kissing my neck. He'd press his waist against my cute butt. He'd work his hands to play with my breasts and clit. And he'd take me slowly and gently from behind, then thrust harder as my orgasm builds up...

The thing about online stuff is it requires internet connection. And how unfortunate I was to have this crappy connection which shutted just seconds before I came. And I haven't asked for his contact. And instead of sleeping well, I can't stop thinking about him all day long...