Full bush is back!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

This film clip goes in reverse, and it goes like this:

We see a naked guy, kissing a smooth, freshly shaven pussy. We see him applying some aftershave on the freshly shaven area, and suddenly, he has a razor in his hand. Magically, shaving cream appears with every stroke he makes with it. Suddenly, the on-looker (we) realises the pussy gets hairyer with every stroke of the razor... Soon, magically the shaving cream floats back in the can, and we see a hairy pussy in full glory. The girl is stroking through it with her fingers, enjoying the roughness of it. We see her orgasm,, and she starts rubbing her hairy labia and erect clit. Then, she puts on her underpants, and walks backwards to the shower. In the bathroom, she takes off her underpants, and wipes herself wet with a towel. Then, she steps in the shower, where magically all the water flows up while showering. At the moment she turns off the water, the clip ends...