I Fucked My Student

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SladkayaBulechka

I'm a woman in my late 20s and a few years ago I started dreaming of having sex with a man who is much younger than me. I looked at the boys who are 18-19 years old and couldn't stop thinking of touching their young beautiful and strong bodies, stroking their thick hair and giving them a pleasure they have never experienced before. Every day I see so many boys of my dreams. Because I am a teacher. I lead some courses on Econometrics in one university. I often give some private lessons for students who want to improve their results in the subject. Usually we meet in a cafe or use Skype, but sometimes I can come to their place. One day I received a mail from a student from my new group who asked me to give him a few lessons before the final exam. He asked for a lesson at home, and I agreed. When I came to his apartment with my Macbook and textbooks, I couldn't believe my eyes - the boy I wanted from the moment I saw him entering my classroom was standing in front of me and smiling. He had dark brown eyes, thick unruly brown hair and was dressed in thermal underwear which made his athletic figure look so attractive. He looked like he just had come from sport training. And I knew that he was just in his 1st year at the university. Well, I know, this looks like the beginning of a bad porn movie, but we all sometimes had a secret desire to bring the most vulgar plot to life, didn't we?

We were sitting in his room, I was trying to explain something to him and hardly could concentrate on formulas and calculations. I stood up to take a phone from my bag and suddenly I felt him kissing my back and putting off my sweater. For a few seconds I didn't know how to react, but then I turned to him and, smiling, started playing with his hair. Just some minutes later we were lying in his bed. When I took his cock in my hands I felt that I kept the most beautiful cock in the world. It was the most passionate sex in my life.

What about another lesson?