I fucked a hair brush

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cactusflower

My boyfriend lives 2000 miles away from me. All I own is a small vibrator, and one night I needed to be penetrated. I found a hairbrush, wrapped it with cling film, and a out condom on top of that. It started out awkward, but after a few minutes of lightly rubbing my clit and teasing my pussy with the tip of the handle, I got into it. The combination of a hard handle with the soft, squishy cling film and condom vaguely felt like a tongue while I stroked it up and down between my lips. It's funny, because it started out as a need to feel my pussy wrapped around something hard and imagining my boyfriend's cock. But instead, all I could visualize was my boyfriends face buried between my legs, licking me relentlessly. I came incredibly hard, but decided to leave that technique as a one time deal.