FFD (Fuck from a distance)

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alvinkrage

I met an Italian girl in one of my travels. She was beautiful and really interesting and a part of me fell in love with her. We met just for one night, just for drinking, and then we took different directions, but after a month we met again to travel together in a Van and we were having the romantic, rough and different kind of sex you only have with a real love. We still have different ways to travel, and we don't want to get into a closed relationship because we are far away from each other, so I asked her: every time you fuck another guy and think of me, take photos or videos from you with him and share it with me. That will make me feel like I am there as well! She started doing this and so did I. Sometimes we speak about it on Skype and have really great camsex, and every time we meet again it's even better. We keep traveling, learning to live alone and to know ourselves. We don't know what the future brings, but maybe our paths will bring us to the same city again, and we'll start to build something together. But not now... now it's time to keep traveling!