Fruity Feet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Footberry

My fantasy involves home made raspberry juice. I'd like to be sitting outside on the porch of a countryside home, and in front of me is a beautiful woman with a short sun dress on. Before her is a decent sized container full of raspberries. The woman then steps inside the container and begins to squash the raspberries with her beautiful sexy feet. She shoots flirtatious looks at me. I admire her smooth legs as she makes natural juice with her feet. The movement of her steps almost exposing her ass. When she's done, she fills up a tall glass of juice and brings it over to me. I take the glass as I stare at her yummy messy feet. Then I take a drink of her raspberry/foot juice and it's so refreshing and arousing. She then sits in a chair in front of me and tells me to take my penis out. I take it out and it's already hard. She brings her wet sticky feet to my penis and begins to jerk me off. Her legs are opened and I'm able to see that she's not wearing panties. I can see everything. I lean back into my chair and enjoy both the foot drink and the foot job. It's so satisfying to know that the essence of her feet is running all in an around my gums and tongue.