A Sexual Fantasy

— By Zala

I want to have sex on a wide field of grass with no mountains around, just plain landscape, sun and a bit of wind that moves the grass and feels nice on my skin. I want to lay there with my love and just listen to birds and enjoy the breath of wind and the smell of nature. We touch gently and start of really nice. The main milestone is when I get my pants and underwear pulled down. Then I open my legs wide open and feel the breeze and a bit of coldness on my pussy. It's the biggest sensation of freedom I can ever feel. My man licks it with a lot of spit and moves away so that the sensation of coldness and wind gets even more intense. That's basically my fantasy, I like the start to be really specific, but then it just goes in it's own way. We have great, intimate sex in this field and then we just lay there, naked, and fall a sleep in the sun and the breeze.