Forbidden tastes better

A Sexual Fantasy

— By birk

It was late at night and our eyes had been making contact all night. It was an I spy you and you spy me kind of thing. At one point of the party we ended up in the same hallway and entered a room wich she locked after we got in.

I walked up to an old turntable and put a record by Frank Sinatra on. From the antique liquor cabinet next to it she poured us a glass of rum. While handing me my glass her handpalm touched my private parts and she whisperd in my ear that she would love to see me masturbate in front of her. Only if you do the same I told her and ran my hand over her beautiful ass.

Soon our cloths were off and we found ourselves naked. She licked her fingers and squeezed her nipples slowly. Her other hand was touching her breasts and curvy hips. I looked at her amazing body in the dim light and started massaging my balls with one hand whilst my other hand made small strokes up an down my penis. I could hear her fingers going in and out of her vagina. Each time it became more wet and our moans were making it even more horny.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds and when I opened them again she sat 30 centimeters in front of me holding her labias open. The sound and the sight of her fingers disappearing in and out of her made my phallus become harder and harder. She even let me taste her fingers wich made me loose my mind. My balls were pulsating madly and I went for it. My tongue was now inside of her licking her womanhood. With my fingers I caressed her breasts and hips. Her body felt sweaty. The smell, the sound and the taste were too much for me which made the sperm shoot out. I kept on licking her pussy. Her fingernails were carving my back and she kept pounding her wetness firmly against my mouth. I loved it and went on untill she came with a loud scream.

When she got up she whiped some sperm from the tip of my penis and licked it. Approvingly she went back down with her mouth and sucked my dick clean. That was lovely my dear husband she said...........
....The record was over but our night wasn't.