Forbidden Dessert

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Womenarelovely

I love my wife with pure love and lust. Whenever we make love I want to consume her as much as possible. My body feels like it is on fire when we lay beside each other. I am infatuated with her body and soul. When we make love I am happy to give her cunnilingus for as long as possible.
The erotic fantasy comes where I want to provide my wife with as much pleasure as possible and I want to prove to her I will do anything to please her and do things that other men may not do for their wives.
I have talked to my wife in the past of giving her cunnilingus after I ejaculate inside of her. We have talked about how naughty it is and how turned on both of would get by doing so. We also talk about it as the forbidden dessert because men do not admit to wanting to do such a thing.
One problem is that after ejaculation my energy and desire level plummets. The biggest part of the fantasy is for her to crawl on top of my face after I ejaculate and tell me to eat her, and to clean her up, and how naughty it is, and how much it is turning her on. There is plenty of teasing from her before I ejaculate inside of her. She tells me how naughty I am. She tells me she knows I want to taste me come from her pussy. She tells me if I really do not want to taste my come all I have to do is not come when I am inside of her. She builds me up so much that once I do slip inside of her, I come within a couple of strokes.
I then lick her and clean her to a fantastic orgasm for her.