Foot rubbing

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nikoyovin

In the elevators of our college campus, because we lived with our parents and had nowhere else, we would grope and kiss. Wait till the doors closed and then my hand was on her panties, she panted, bit her lip, willed me to kiss her neck, knew the elevator would stop and we would have to scramble back to our respectable postures.The doors opened. Closed again, she put my head beneath her skirt, between her thighs and told me to kiss. It is dark and I mourn that we do not have time to pull down the cotton that both she and I are soaking through. She pulls me up by my collar before it is too late. Close. She wants to show me her breasts, they are small and so stiff in cold, open air. I kiss. My lips saying thanks for these moments, wherever she wanted I whispered my love and prayed that it held in each corner of her body.
There was a day we found the lunchroom empty, the stalls all closed, the lights dim. We sat at a table far from the doors. She took off her shoes. She stretched her legs along the bench and rubbed my crotch with her socked foot. I, frightened, looked and saw no one in the room, heard no one in the stalls. I held my breath. She made me straddle the bench and unbuttoned my pants.
Why I was so lucky I would never know. She bent her head and opened her mouth, lips agape to my cock. Her foot pushed against my shaft as she sucked. I dreamt of eating her. She took off her sock and licked the bottom of her foot, just because she knew I would like it, because she knew that I would feel exposed. I looked again and listened across the dim room, all these barren tables, places where faces and lives would be, all unaware of what was taking place. I could feel the ghost of these eyes, I could feel her spit dripping down to the base of my shaft, it was warm and then cold, she flexed her toes along the plane where her drool ran. I came with effort not to shatter the silence and the dark. I was deaf and the shatter was in my delirious heart. She wiped my cock with her sock and I panted my love quiet as a draft.