Her flying-winged delusion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Junkman

My beloved wakes up panicked in a feverish sweat. She has been having her visions again. It starts in the same dark room where only the faint glow of a golden doorknob is visible. It's scalding to the touch so she turns it quickly. The door cracks open and a ray of pure white light races upwards as far as her eyes can see. It creaks in the whispers of a thousand lost spirits.

She is naked except for the turquoise beads hanging from her wrist. The glass floor vibrates from the crash of the waves beneath. Beautiful, flying-winged creatures show her the way. She speaks a foreign tongue that commands the plants to flower in colors no earthly eye could detect.

A tower that would make Babel envy stretches in front of her. She enters a dimly lit stairwell and begins her ascent. Her feet blister as she climbs and repeats the prayers: “Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb.” She longs for the bosom that nursed the salvation of mankind.

Reaching the top she finds a table the size of a bed. The white marble top is draped in crimson cloth heavy as rock. She climbs up and spreads her legs to the heavens. The sky is a night sky, but the deep black is instead a blinding white speckled with billions of black pinpricks.

She prays in a tongue that gives her beads plantlike qualities. They stretch, multiply, and splinter, tying her to the alter and invading her holy spaces. As she moves the beads through her hand to continue the prayer they move rhythmically inside her, scrubbing her insides clean.

The burning presence of the Mother is near. My lover feels Her in the swelling of her breasts and the milk that drips from her nipples. Her heart is giving way to a rush of blood she can't withstand. Her dirty blonde hair turns a fiery orange and her blue eyes go violet.

She cries out with joy. Her holy water spills out over the altar and sets it aflame. She is swallowed up into the heavenly ether. She is a pleasing offering.