Fly on the Wall

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SubcutaneousVibration-DCC

First off, I'm a guy who is a huge fan of your work. Keep fighting the good fight. This stuff isn't just for the ladies.

I have a reoccurring fantasy of being able to be a fly on the wall as my lady lounges around alone and finds herself feeling the urge to masturbate. Being able to watch her as she pleases herself, in the way that she'd only do when she thought nobody was watching... it turns me on to no end. To watch her make this transition from normal everyday life, to having a thought or seeing an image and getting turned on. Those minutes of contemplation as she decides whether or not to please herself, the way it looks when she makes herself comfortable and what it looks like as she gives herself access to her most intimate areas and then ultimately pleasures them however she sees fit. Well, it's the ultimate fantasy to watch her love herself as much as I do. If there were a way to morph from that fly on the wall to myself and please her for the second, third and fourth times... well, that would be even better...