Flowers in her hair

A Sexual Fantasy

— By alib2

I allow myself to shake a little, to release the tension, as the ferry boat took off over the Ij behind Amsterdam Centraal Station. I have always wanted to go on this boat, with our bikes, and go to the green fields that lay beyond - cycling along winding country roads... it all had a little haze around it - infused with sexual desire. Finally, with denim shorts and gingham, we could take our picnic basket in the fields, concealed by hedgerows but otherwise out in the sunny open air. Tall grasses cutting the flash of red gingham as her 50's hairband takes a swing to the floor, and out tumble those divine -tight but long- curls.

I told her I fancied her, about 8 months too late, just before I was about to leave for South America. It had been too hard to admit before that - even though she had dropped a big enough hint herself, I was just too shy to do something about it.
But here we were, finally, some girlie-girl time.

After sucking on strawberries and fresh cream, she lays her head down on my lap to relax and get some sun, and we chatter about boyfriends and Latino lovers vs Japanese lovers (I've been living in Japan the previous year), the joys of being more confident & relaxed about sex in our late 20’s, and being bi-sexual. We wiggle a little as we start to feel horny, and begin to kiss, so delicately at first. Caressing each other, I try out the super-gentle Japanese oral techniques I have so recently experienced, until she is groaning.
She doesn’t remember the last time she had an orgasm without the use of sex toys.
We lay naked in the sun, with intertwined legs, until we realise that we are starting to develop strange tan lines…

Nice huh?!