Flora's Virtual Reality

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sproet

On a warm summer evening, just before going to walk the dog, I give my girlfriend (let's call her Flora) a handwritten piece of paper. "At 22.00. Please put on the lingerie I have hidden under your pillow. Lay down on your belly, close your eyes and wait". Flora takes a shower and a shave. At 22.00 she texts me - "I am ready ;-)".

I enter the room naked. And after some kisses on her neck and buttocks, and little oil massaging of her back and legs I will put gently VR glasses on Flora's head with our favourite Erika Lust movie ("He was first in my ass" or "By 1-07"). Then when she is visually enjoying the film and her body gets hungry I give her an erotic massage.

And then her biggest fantasy becomes reality. A second naked man sneaks quietly into the room and joins in. Now she feels 4 hands, 2 mouths and tongues that will pamper, lick, massage every inch of her and let Flora indulge the full attention of the 2 men. When the film in the VR is over I come into her and as she puts off her VR glasses and sees the guest watching and masturbating. After they all cum, the guest will give her a kiss and leave. No words spoken.