Five Senses: Part 1

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rumba Fan

Laura and Dylan are a loving couple with a satisfying and varying sexlife. Unfortunately Laura has to go on business travels more frequently in recent times and that’s why their sexual activity is limited to the weekends. One day, Laura comes up with a really smart idea: a new project inspiring the lovers‘ sexuality in which physical distance is no problem. They should experience sex in different stages, each limited to one of the five senses. Day 1: The sense of smell As Dylan unwraps the package Laura has left for him, he discovers three objects. A scarf being sprayed with Laura’s favourite perfume, a sample bottle of her body lotion and a worn slip on which a little white patch of dried pussy juice becomes obvious. Dylan hastily heads towards the bedroom, smelling the unique scent of his girlfriend's vagina from her panties. In arousal he sits down on the bed, laying the scarf around his neck and creaming his body and erect penis with the lotion. While inhaling the various fragrances he starts to masturbate and finally splashes his cum into the slip he uses instead of a tissue. Meanwhile, in her hotel room, Laura takes Dylan’s package out of her suitcase. It reveals a worn t-shirt, her boyfriend’s deodorant and a small bottle of the lube they sometimes use for anal sex. She takes off her clothes, gets dressed with Dylan’s shirt and sprays a large dose of the antiperspirant so that the room is filled with his fragrance. She immediately begins to rub her shaved pussy and – after a few minutes – adds the lube to her fingers and clit. She goes on masturbating with her left middle finger inside her anus, her right hand stroking her pussy to an intense climax. Day 2: The sense of hearing On the next day they decide to have classical phone sex. They both get horny when describing each other what they are doing. Laura lying on her bed and touching her stiff nipples with one hand, her wet pussy with the other, Dylan on the sofa getting his cock hard with his right palm and the help of some lube. They talk seductively to each other and finally make use of toys. Dylan satisfies himself with a tenga egg in which he ejaculates excitedly while listening to Laura’s orgasm caused by a clitoral vibrator.