Fitting lingerie

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I wanted to buy some new lingerie, to seduce my new lover. Since I have quite large breasts, I chose to be advised in a specialised lingerie shop. There I was advised by an woman of my own age, with the same Rubensesque figure as me. We chose some lingerie, and went together in an large fitting room, with mirrors on all walls. There, she politely asked me to undress, so that she could measure my body for the right size of bra. At the moment that she touched me, to measure my breast size, I felt an electric spark jump between us, and my large nipples grew hard instantly! Her touch was very soft and gentle, and VERY erotic. I never had this feeling with another woman, but I surely had it then! I felt, that I was wet between my legs and when she touched me there, I moaned loudly. Then we kissed, and forgot all about the fitting. Quickly, she undressed too, and pushed her heavy, full breasts against mine. We ended up on the floor, licking each others pussies, fingering, exploring each other. Then she begged me to push a finger in her butt, and after a moment of hesitation, I wet my finger with some saliva, and pushed it in slowly. Soon, she came, shouting and moaning loudly. Then, she gently licked me to my own orgasm. Later we resumed our fitting session, and I ended up with some beautiful lingerie, to seduce my lover, AND her phone number, for some extra fitting sessions...