My First Time in France

A Sexual Fantasy

— By No.10

The summer of my 18th year, I took part in an exchange to France. This would entail a month abroad without the constraints of parents or in fact people who knew anything about me. Luckily I was paired with this guy, an absolute gent. He introduced me to his girlfriend. She was a little older than me and in my eyes so much more mature. She had this elegant way of dressing that I've never seen anyone replicate and this chubby smile which she hid under a corn-yellow fringe. I knew though; that I had no chance. I was this tall but scruffy Irish guy, quite big through rugby but with hair too long to be stylish and too short to be cool. Like I said, no chance.

We went to her house on my last week in France and almost immediately we slipped away from the group into the vines behind her house. She had this skirt kind of thing on and I pulled down that and her knickers in one go and ate her out. I'd never made a girl cum before, so her squeals were music to my ears. We eventually stripped off - even though it was dusk and still bright - but she wore these ankle socks that I think are the sexiest thing I have ever seen. For a first timer I actually did okay, eventually whipping off the condom and cumming on her beautiful boobs. We just lay naked in the vineyard for like half an hour afterward. Though that was about three years ago and we lost touch, I've never had better sex with anyone in my life.