But first, let's have a bit of fun

A Sexual Fantasy

— By katana217

So, now you know what I'm about. (If you don't, go check out Smut on Speed. Caught up? Groovy.)

Perhaps you might be wondering where it all began? Oh sure, I could spin tales of The Lad Himself (Benny Hill), and a surfeit of cheesecake delivered in his trademark Live Animation Style (I often wonder what he'd make of CGI).

But no, my fast-forward fancying friends, I can pretty much pinpoint the moment when I discovered my love for Fast-motion sex. It was sometime in my teenage years, and I was watching a repeat of Monty Python on the TV.

This episode featured a sketch which segued into a burlesque presentation of history, The lovely Ms Carol Cleveland Decked out in finest pink Lingerie, Miming to the baritone of John Cleese, as he delivered the immortal words "But First, A Bit of Fun".

The next 8 or so seconds would change my life forever, as an exotic dancer performed her routine in fast motion, to a weird staccato drumbeat. I'd never seen anything like it! I felt that weird flush that came to be known as sexual desire, right in the pits of my stomach. My hands wandered down to my cock, and within Moments, I was coming so hard. (Sadly, I couldn't masturbate in fast motion. To this day, I still haven't found a lube slippery enough for that.)

Since then, I found this scene online, and still have it in the sexier regions of my Hard drive. And I still love it, just as much for the love of Lingerie as for the Speedy strippage.

I imagine if this one ever does get immortalized in film. A gorgeous Lingerie-clad woman miming to a posh English male Baritone might just do the trick for some folk. Oh the possibilities...