First Day of Spring

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

The first warm day of Spring in the Netherlands. My wife and I became horny instantly with the heat and decided to celebrate this day with a good fuck in the freedom of nature. We chose our clothes with care; my wife wore a thin summer dress and no panties and I wore loose jogging pants. For about half an hour we walked through the woods, searching for the perfect secluded but semi-public spot... and then, bingo! There, behind some bushes, a picnic area away from the path! Quickly, we went for it... She knelt in front of me, pulled my pants down and started blowing my cock until it was rock hard. Then, I helped her up onto the table and licked her to orgasm. I finished her off by laying her on her back on the table and fucking her hard and deep, with her legs over my shoulder, her buttocks on the edge of the table. Just as I was about to cum, I heard the sound of people approaching... I thrust harder, trying to finish before they caught us... Just in time! By the time they reached the picnic area, we were just another normal couple having a picnic in the woods. They couldn't see the tiny spot of cum on the table or on my jogging pants. Saved by less than a minute! But we knew. The thrill of almost getting caught is just too hot to handle...