First date at the cinema

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bbeta

He and I have been texting for almost a year. We are waiting for so long to meet in person and today it is finally the day. He is so excited and horny, I am nervous and happy, it is been a long time I dont date anyone. We decide to meet at the mall during the week, in the afternoon, a normal day in a regular hour. I am running late but he is there, at the rooftop, patiently waiting for me, with a beautiful and shy smile and misterious eyes, and a great view behind him, as the afternoon fade away. I am wearing a black dress, he enjoys it. We start a polite conversation about random things, the weather, news of the week, family and work, our eyes start to dance. Our tension increase and we can almost feel it in the air, we decide to pick a movie at the cinema, anyone, just to have a moment in a dark room, our first one... The random movie in the afternoon of a normal day in the middle of a week and in a regular hour. Almost everybody is working, one is in the dark room, just us and the big screen. We have sex right there, on top of the chairs, on the floor...just us and the big screen with the asian action movie rolling...scared of getting caught but horny as hell from the unnusual situation. It was one of the best and excited sexual adventures that i've ever had.