Fight for control

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lisrog

I follow my best friend to a house party, we arrive extremely late, the party has being going on for a very long time and the atmosphere is all about who is going home with who. We are coming in with new energy and the party is starting up again, we are dancing and trying to get to the same level as the others getting drunk on White Russians. I am working the dance floor with my friend as if it was a playground, a friend of my friend is a known DJ. I can feel his eyes on me. He approaches me and tries to lead. I am following his every turn, I feel like a doll in his hands. I stop, and tell him that if he wants to dance with me he will, but I will not be his doll. He listens and I give him the keys to follow my moves and we dance intensely until we lose control and fall down on a near couch. I can see in his eyes what he is after, and I'm still in my playground and know that I hold the rules. He tries to kiss me but he fails and forgets my name, I walk away and make it clear that he has to play better to win. I play around with him lying about my name and he tries desperately to get clues from the other guests. After a while on my way to the kitchen to make another drink, he drags me in to a corner and says my name, I'm already wet from playing with him this long. We stand for what feels for a eternity kissing and fighting. Fighting for kisses. I am teasing him, biting him, kissing him and backing away, we are using our hands trying to take control over each other, who is the strongest, that is the game. We can't handle ourselves and decide to occupy the toilet. We continue teasing each other. I decide where he is allowed to touch and stop him and give him clues to where I want his kisses and rough hands touching me. We are inside that dark toilet for a veeeery long time, he is trying to get me to go home with him, and when I suck his dick still teasing and playing with him he acts like he's in love, using every trick in the book to get us home. I am so wet and can't resist no more, so we continue to play at home...