Fifties know better

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

My hands, my breasts and my hair. I imagined they were three highlights of my fifty-year-old body; but I never imagined that they took so an impression on you .
Here's what I’ll do.
Slowly my red hair brushes your swelling cock; slowly, slowly, every curl tickles your flesh that becomes harder and harder. No, please, don’t ask me to take it in my mouth: it is not part of the game.
Now I slide up and my small and still hard breasts are rubbing on you. On your balls. Feel how sharp my nipples are and how taut and vibrant my breasts. Come on, wait a bit ': I feel your quivering cock ready to come; but you wait, if you can.
Now look at my beautiful hands; manicured hands, with long coral painted nails. Ready for an unforgettable hand-job. Up and down, up and down on your cock. I spit on their palm and so they will better glide. I feel it, you're going to squirt. Do it, do it here on my tits, among them. Empty on me.
My fingers will accompany your sperm on my pussy and when I too will be coming, we will restart again.