The female cat at the rooftop

A Sexual Fantasy

— By VeronikaRuss

I have always been a cold person, keeping my distance from other people, avoiding any kind of pointless contact like friendly hugs, holding hands or kissing on the cheeks.
One day I went out with a guy. I was reluctant to meet him since there was nothing I liked about him, but he finally convinced me to go for lunch with him. At the restaurant, the way he spoke and his personality started to make me find him attractive. After that we went for a coffee at his rooftop. Up there, Madrid looked amazing at sunset...
He pointed out that I was keeping my distance and not making much eye contact. I told him how I felt about pointless touch, and that eye contact made me feel exposed. He laughed and said I reminded him of a cat, sitting in the roof avoiding human contact. Then he dared me to stare at him in the eyes.
Something electric came between us. Suddently all I could think of was taking his clothes off. So I did. We got naked at his rooftop and had an amazingly sex session with the beautiful view of Madrid around us. We were on the sight of other buildings' windows, but we wouldn't care. We were dragged by passion.
When we were done, I went back to feeling reticent about being touched. In fact, I wouldn't even let him kiss me goodbye. Like a cat that had fulfilled its basic instincts, I just smiled at him and walked away.