My Favourite Barista

A Sexual Fantasy

— By plopplop

I walk into the coffee shop and my eyes are drawn to the barista. Her long, curvy dark red hair. The way she moves with control and authority. Her soft touch, stroking the portafilter on the espresso machine. I order a latte and we smile at each other. I sit in the corner, staring at her, admiring her, and waiting...

At closing, she walks over and asks if I want anything else. I tell her I want her. She sits on me and we kiss. We close shop and close the blinds. (scene turns black and white, the only light is rays of sunlight through slits on the window shades).

She takes complete control and we make love on the floor. (Alternating scenes of the steam wand of the espresso machine, of espresso dripping, of chocolate sauce drizzling.)

At the end of the scene, fades back to man in the corner surrounded by other customers. He finishes his drink and walks out of the coffee shop with one last look at the barista.