Favela Sex fever

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Hi, my name is Elly, and I am an Dutch nurse, working for a goodwill foundation in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro.
At first, I lived in an hotel nearby, until I made some friends there, who gave me a room nearby the clinic I work. And there, in my room, I started noticing things that happened at night... The favelas are very crowded, everybody is living on each others lip, almost literally, so, when people have sex, in that tropic environment, you can often hear it quite good. That evening, my neighbours had sex on the tiny terrace on top of their house, only meters away from my tiny window. I wanted to ignore it, but when she started to moan very loud, and begged her man to fuck her really hard I got really excited, and started masturbating. A few minutes later, she asked him to take her in her butt, because she liked the combination of lust and pain, that gave her the fiercest orgasms. Then I heard her coming, a very deep grunting sound, and directly after that, he gaspt for air, and shouted her name, while ejaculating. I orgasmed too, my fingers wet from my own juices... The next morning, I greeted my neighbours politely, not showing any sign that I enjoyed their nightly workout...