Farm Scientists Get It On

A Sexual Fantasy

— By racinglust

At my university there’s an agricultural scientist who’s so committed to his work that he’s oblivious to women the way nerds are. I must make the first move. He’s very tall, strong, intelligent, and funny. Sometimes I catch him looking at me and I shyly look away and then look back again. We both work late often and because it’s a rural university, we are secluded on a farm. When I’m working, I find myself getting turned on thinking about going into his office and seducing him or interrupting him while he’s working on the tractor. I wonder if he’s thinking of me when he’s working. I get wetter and wetter as I think about him. I picture myself knocking on his door, going inside and locking it behind me, and him sitting at his desk with a look of confusion on his face. We are both sweaty and covered in dirt from working all day. I sit on his desk next to him. He goes red and I take his hand. We don’t say a word. We move towards each other and kiss passionately, hands and mouths all over each other’s bodies. He lifts me up against the wall, pulls my panties off and unzips his pants. He doesn’t bother to fully undress. He lets out a deep moan as he enters me, and our bodies are entwined. He takes me there against the wall. He feels my whole body with his dirty hands, grips my hips and takes me from behind. He pushes me down over his desk, pushing his work off it. I hang onto the end of the desk with my hands. We grind against each other on every surface in his office. It’s bliss and we can’t get enough of each other. In the middle of pounding me from behind, he flips me over and slowly teases me inching with his tongue down my stomach. Eyes closed he kisses my clitoris with passion, and I cum gushing all over him. He smiles with delight. “My turn,” he groans. He enters me again and I’m almost pleading with him to stop it feels so good. He stops pounding and lets out a deep long moan cumming on my pubes. He collapses on top of me over his desk, and we lay there sweaty, dirty, and covered in each other’s cum.