Fantasy Girl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kittykat26

One of my deepest fantasies would be to have sex with another woman. I'm straight, but I’ve always been curious deep down. It would have to be someone I don't know. We’d bump into each other at a club when we're both a little drunk after a couple of drinks. We would dance the night away. Then she would kiss me and I'd kiss her back. We'd end up going back to her place. I'd be a little nervous because I've never been with a girl before. She'd go into her room and get into some comfortable clothing. She'd bring me some too. Then ask me if I would like to smoke a joint to relax a bit. I'd take the offer and we'd smoke for a few minutes while having small conversation. At this point I'd be relaxed and feel so at ease. We'd go back to her room and start to make out. She would tell that I was getting nervous and ask if I wanted to stop. I'd tell her "no, it's just that I've never been with a girl before". She'd giggle a bit and tell me it's OK, that she'll go really slowly and that everything will be alright. We'd lie down on her bed and continue making out. By this point I'd feel my panties getting wet from being turned on. She'd be so gorgeous with nice big tits and and a beautiful smile. I'd feel so at at ease yet my heart would be racing, I want to keep going. She'd start to take off my bra and shirt and start kissing my breasts with her soft lips. I'd start to feel wetter down there. She'd get on top of me and take her shirt off and I'd see her huge bare tits. I imagine her nipples to be so nice and big, pink just like mine. I'd start to touch them slowly and she'd bring them closer to my face so I could kiss them. So I do... She'd then pulled my shorts down, the ones she had let me borrow, and run her fingers along the outside of my panties. She'd giggle and say "I can tell you're enjoying this". I'd start to feel my pussy throb. Become so wet. She'd then put her hands inside my panties and start fingering me. I'd let out a slight moan. She'd look at me and continue fingering me. I'd feel my pussy start dripping as she continued, until we reach a euphoric climax together.