Fantastic Foreplay

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Goodmourning2u

I work in a physical therapy clinic as the front desk person. Mostly, the patients are older and more on the conservative side, but once a week I am graced by a goddess. She comes to the clinic at same time on the same day every week. It is the most exciting part of my week. She opens the door and it's as if the air gets lighter and the morning sun light highlights her pure perfection. Each curve, every color in her eyes, and even the shine and pout of her beautiful lips.
My fantasy is that she has known of my desire of her since day one and each visit to the clinic is an opportunity to tease and torture me. She always arrives in yoga pants and a work out shirt. As the visits progress her clothes get tighter and her body gets more and more apparent.
In my fantasy, one particular morning she arrives very early for her appointment and uncharacteristically, she walks around my desk and asks to see her appointment. She places her hand on my inner thigh and instantly a massive erection forms. The tip of my penis brushes the tip of her finger and she gently slides her finger over the head of my dick. She then makes her way back to her seat and instead of crossing her legs, she opens them just a little. As the patients come and go her legs open just a little wider until I can make out every line and curve of her perfect pussy. As the final patient files out she, again, makes her way around my desk and quietly slides under my desk. I can feel her tugging on my belt and working my pants off and down my legs. She massages my hard on with her wet and warm mouth and quickly reaches into my boxers and pulls it out. Her mouth feels as good as it looks. She has a talent for deep throat and demonstrates how far her talent reaches. She sucks me so well I almost explode. I guess my tightened grip on her hair and upward hip thrust gave it away, because as fast as she could, she stopped. She rotates my chair, slides her yoga pants off and straddles me, while expertly positioning my cock to slide into her without resistance.