Fantasies from a young couple

A Sexual Fantasy

— By vforvargas

Hi Erika,
At first, excuse me for my English, maybe everything sounds quite cold, so I'll try to be as much clear as possible, we know you'll imagine the stuff in the way we want.

We thought on the following story: A couple start watching some nice porn together and they see an advertisement saying something like a really good dream: Erika Lust is looking for couples and so on...

So they contact with you and everything goes right and you all meet like in a little coffee shop, but a public place, for having a conversation together while having a coffee. The wall is just glass and you can see the city from a high floor or something like that.

It's like you're in front of them, in a tiny table, and more people are in the same room, in their own business, you know.

The conversation starts with a quiet and fine small talk, and you say if the couple can start showing their love, and after "playing, touching themselves", there, in front of you, and they do, trying not to call the attention to the others....

So more or less they start playing more, and more, making love, the people start looking at them... close to the end more people join them and everything finish in the top, in a public climax, but you are all the time watching and drinking coffee, like enjoying it very calm.

That's the story, and the fantasy finishes with "we'd love to be that couple" :)

"My" "partner" is a 22 years old girl, who's writing a final bachelor project about feminism, and I'm a 27 years old physics student (I'm finishing it as well).

To me she's a goddess. I'm taller than her, very sportive, but quite short than the average I think, and I don't look like a body building guy or something like that, more like a thin athletic guy... We are just a nice normal couple with thousands of fantasies and we wanna do all of them.

We love your work.