I Fancy Her... and Her Father

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nu be

Yesterday I realized I like this one singe girl. (I'm straight) I always liked girls but in a physical way, but I fell for this one. She is reeeally straight too. But she's magical, her family owns a bookstore, she has a twin, and they both wear really weird clothes, they know a lot of music and politics, and movies, and.. everything. They are like a poem.

But the problem is... I kinda like her father. He's single, works in the bookstore and takes care of his children. Because he has 3 kids. He's so open minded, and I blush just thinking about him.

I wish both of them, the father and the girl, could t a k e me.

Yesterday I had sex with a friend of mine on a roof, she told me about them, and started talking about the father, and how he gets close to you when he's greeting you or how big his hands are. But no, I want his daughter really bad.

I've run out of ideas... But they called me and now I've got a job in the bookstore, so I'll figure something out.