Fallen Angel of Lust

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jaimie

Nobody as beautiful as her could possibly exist before me. The pictures in my mind could never truly encase her beauty. She's the girl who I never could truly see, not in the usual sense at least. It was that accident that made me truly able to feel her against me as I touched myself in bed to her thoughts. Nothing could make me more vulnerable then that voice, and her cold fingers. Oh, those cold fingers. Her tongue, the arch of her brow, everything about her was a miracle. It was that second accident though, the one that ended me that gave me true knowledge of her presence, as he fingers would trail down my back, fingernails gently raking as she leaned in behind me to whisper in some unknown, forgotten language.

I didn't have to know it to understand it. I felt her tung on my shoulders, her teeth against my neck as she continued tracing her fingers lower and lower toward my bulge, but never reaching- a tease. Her teeth sunk deeper into my neck this time, a pleasurable sensation that drew out a slight moan. I could feel her grinding against my back as she laid me on my side, reaching down to grasp the bulge through my pants, giving it a light squeeze. "Do you want me?" I couldn't even answer her, too entranced as she finally slid down my pants, then my boxers turning me on my back. Her fingernails traced gently along the erect shaft as she pressed a small, almost innocent kiss upon my lips. Her gaze into my eyes however was not so innocent.

She slowly lowered her dripping self back towards me, continuing to grind her nakedness against my member. It wasn't long before I could feel myself edging and she pulled her hips away, making me mewl out in protest, reaching to set her back in place but I found myself to be paralyzed. She slowly positioned my throbbing penis below her vagina, grazing the tip over her clit a few times before sinking down upon me, rocking her hips back and forth, stopping when I edged before continuing. It was eternity before I could cum, and repeat.