Fake Fruit, Real Orgasms

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I was rummaging through a counter of cheap stuff in a one Euro store in a nearby shopping mall. Suddenly my eyes were drawn to a plastic bowl with fake fruit and vegetables... Touching the fake fruit with my hands gave me a very naughty idea! The fruit and veggies were VERY realistic to the look and feel... How would it feel to masturbate with it? Only one way to find out... by trying... So I bought the whole bunch, just to get hold of the fake cuke and banana! At home, I could not wait, I had to try it immediately! I ripped my clothes off, grabbed a bottle of olive oil from the kitchen counter, and lubed my new toys thoroughly with it. Dripping from oil, I slowly penetrated my pussy with the artificial banana. After my first orgasm some minutes later, I wondered how the cucumber would feel, being so much bigger and thicker in size. After a few thrusts I could feel it buried deep in my eager oiled up pussy... it was magical! After a while I dared to push the fake banana in my butt, while stretching my pussy with the cuke... My orgasm was intense, I never experienced one so intense ever before... And this fruit will stay fresh forever, and always ready for my needs...